In royal we trust in printsome to customize our t-shirts

When someone wants to order custom t-shirts in Madrid or anywhere else, they will make a considerable financial investment and want the result to be up to the task. Stamping t-shirts may seem relatively easy, but it really takes a thorough process behind to go beyond the simple idea of ​​placing a logo. For that reason, when Royal wants personalized t-shirts or one of our clients needs it, we know that Printsome is the best option.In addition, we must bear in mind that when we talk about promotional t-shirts they must fulfill the mission of publicizing the brand and / or the product and for that there are certain rules that must be followed. Printsome has it clear and has revealed the most important keys for them:


  • Communication with the customer is fundamental

The key to success is to understand perfectly what the client is asking and solve all their needs. For that, it is essential to have a fluent communication that is effective for both parties. You can find two cases:

  • – The company knows exactly how you want to customize the shirts. In this case, it must be verified that the design is compatible with the order and carry it out.
  • – The client has an idea of ​​what he wants to do but needs advice. Even if it’s more work, it’s pure fun for our designers!

In any case, you must take into account the company’s style manual to know what can be done and what can not be done.


  • Let the ideas flow in the design part

Designers are creative animals so your intention will always be to do something different and leave the comfort zone. But marketing directors probably have other ideas in their heads, so it’s certainly best to heal in health. For this, it is very useful to make more than one proposal: the creative idea and one or two more conventional, so that they have room for choice.

In addition to that, you have to work with two key factors:

  • – The typography
  • – The color palettes

Some companies already have their corporate guidelines, so make sure you have access to them before sitting down to work. But others, however, need to know the differences, the meaning behind these elements or if they are effective at the time of printing.


  • Be very careful with the disposition

The logos, graphics or illustrations that are printed on the shirts are the fundamental elements, which transmit all the information of the company to the public. For that reason, you have to be very careful with the positioning of these objects and if there are more than one, make sure they fit together.


  • Check that production is effective

After planning and design, production time arrives. In this step, it is necessary to verify that the design is compatible with the printing technique, although it can be foreseen from the beginning!

But in addition to this, it is the definitive moment to prove that the files are in the correct type, to see the samples to get an idea of ​​the result and to show again and again that everything is ready for printing.


Last reflections

To finish, every designer must be clear that, even if he has many years of experience, everyone can make mistakes. And what’s more important, all customers are different from the rest.

Therefore, when creating promotional t-shirts, we must always be faithful to the brand’s guide, provide a different design, understand exactly what the client is looking for and check until we are tired that the T-shirts are going to be as we are as we imagine.

At Printsome they worry about this and more. It is an agency specialized in the printing of personalized t-shirts that from its headquarters in Madrid makes shipments to Barcelona, ​​Valencia and the rest of the Spanish territory. So if you’re looking to customize shirts with close treatment and excellent quality service, you know who to call. At Royal we have it clear!