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The pace of facebook, key to optimeze your campaigns

The Facebook Pixel is key to the optimization and control of results in Ads investments. It is a javascript code that is inserted in a web page and linked to Facebook, in order to carry out a detailed follow-up of the conversions after activating advertising campaigns. Then we tell you its main features and why it is key to make your Facebook Ads campaigns more effective.

What is the pixel of Facebook?

Any ad campaign on Facebook should be associated with a Facebook pixel, especially when we talk about large investment campaigns. Its main advantage is that it allows measuring conversions, monitoring and analyzing the behavior of users on our website after viewing an ad on Facebook.

This pixel is a javascript code that is inserted into our website and linked to the Facebook advertising account, providing interesting data on the return on investment, which allows us to optimize campaigns better and reach our target. Thus we can know the users who visit our website and develop remarketing. Thanks to this technique, we return to capture the attention of those who at some point were interested in our products but for some reason did not complete the purchase process.

Why is it key in campaign optimization?

What benefits will we obtain in our campaigns configured with the pixel? The first thing we must be clear about in our marketing strategy is the goal we want to achieve with the campaign: that users enter my website to fill out a form? Do you make a direct sale of my products or services? Attendance at an event?

The use of the Píxel tool of Facebook facilitates that our campaigns achieve better results and that we can work with some extra functionalities depending on the objectives that we look for, and the public to whom we intend to direct ourselves.

The pixel offers the possibility of creating “personalized audiences” that help the ad reach the right people and detect potential customers who visit our website. In this way we fine-tune the scope, making the ad or set of them reach users with a similar profile to your customers, and even users who are interested in pages or ads similar to yours, allowing a capture of new customers.

Another of its advantages is the possibility of setting up automatic bids to address people most likely to perform some action relevant to you, such as making a purchase.

It is also key to measuring the results achieved in the ads. It provides a lot of valuable information related to the conversions and sales obtained, which allows us to optimize during the campaign, and make decisions regarding future investment strategies in Ads

This tool is essential to manage large budgets with greater efficiency and control of the investment, so it can make a difference in the success of your online marketing strategy. If you are looking to boost the effectiveness and performance of your campaigns, get in touch with the Royal Communication team. We speak?