Royal convention 2015, a step to the future

We tell you what the 2015 ROYAL Convention was like. Convention to call it in some way, because it was much more than that. Royal Comunicación is determined to create a family of Mega Professionals based on commitment, excellence, effort, camaraderie and solidarity. To do this, what better way to take #RoyalTEAM to the spectacular facilities of ALÚ, a company specializing in adventure sports, an experience!

The days scheduled for the celebration of the Convention were on 03, 04 and 05 September. At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday 3rd, Royal Communication workers from different geographical locations such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Cádiz began to disembark at ALÚ

The first day began with a presentation by our CEO, Juanjo López. An exhibition based on proximity and the search for excellence. As a first objective, grow in quality and not quantity. We speak of the “Mega Professional”, the one who tries to improve every day, who relies on his colleagues, knows how to be happy and gets up every day with a desire to live a new challenge. In the last 9 years, Royal Communication has not stopped growing. There are many who stayed on the road since the last few years have been very hard, but that is what has made our team stronger. There was also talk of Royal Profit, the brand that gave birth to this great family, and today is intended for consulting and training services adding more than 20% of the company’s turnover.

After finishing the presentation, Juanjo López took to the stage different LEGO Serious Plays where our #RoyalTEAM had to demonstrate his creativity. Two teams, several tests such as creating the tower and the longest bridge, a car, or the perfect companion. The group of Alejandro Romero, the oldest member of the team, showed his serenity and intelligence to build, this kid is worth everything!

After the LEGO Serious Play game and a short break, dinner time arrived. And go dinner, because to surprise JPolo (our Director of Development and food critic of hobby), they had to do very well. Rice salad dipped in mustard, seafood cocktail, grilled vegetables, shrimp and squid brochettes, croquettes, various cheeses from the area and other delicacies in the form of dessert that left us with an unbeatable taste. The time came to take a good Gintonic or Ron to the sound of music.

The curfew for Friday was at 8 o’clock: quick shower and to regain strength with a big breakfast, because the adventure, the risk and effort for that day was amazing.

The #RoyalTEAM was going to undergo harsh tests for which two teams were formed. Team A was formed by Juanjo Polo, Fran Gallego, Jacinto Romero, Carlos Mingo, Gonzalo Quintana and Alicia Lestegás. Team B formed by Juanjo López, Andrés Bustillos, Alejandro Romero, Pilar Toribio, Rocío Guitián and Eva Filgueiras.

The first test was going to consist of a demanding and exciting descent in RAFTING through the Genil River, with more than 10 kilometers of route full of obstacles in the form of branches and stones. During the tour, there were 3 handkerchiefs placed in strategic points, the one that took the most handkerchiefs was the test. There was a technical draw, each team picked up a handkerchief.

After a short break in the cafeteria of ALÚ, where we had the opportunity to see the spectacular photos and videos they made, he played the ARBORISM test. It consisted of a walk from tree to tree about 8 meters high, going through ropes, logs and obstacles that more than one made it very difficult. Of course, always advised by the impeccable ALÚ team and secured with harnesses. Highlight the extra effort that made some colleagues with vertigo, they got to arm themselves with courage, climb and overcome their fears!

The lunch hour arrived, assorted salads and paella. Once again we were surprised by the taste and attention of the kitchen team of ALÚ, they are so many! It was an ideal meal to regain strength because in the afternoon two new tests awaited us, the AMERICAN TRACK and the PADDEL SURF.

The AMERICAN TRACK left more than one war wound. It was exciting; Team B showed a lot of claw, jumps for wood, wall climbing, crossings by ropes and came first to the last test where they were finally overtaken by team A during the test ‘cross the river’, where collaboration and teamwork They were essential.

We say goodbye to the day practicing PADDEL SURF in the Iznájar Reservoir, enjoying a spectacular sunset. After a whole day of intense competition, the PADDEL SURF moment was much more relaxing, we stopped competing to focus on the technique of this sport and to enjoy the incredible images offered by the Iznájar Reservoir, popularly known as “the beach of Cordova”.

The sun went down and with it the #RoyalTeam force. It was time to take a new shower and enjoy a great evening, “Ibiza Dinner”. We enjoyed a delicious barbecue, although the energy was beginning to disappear … this last night was the time to take stock of the convention and enjoy the last hours together … until the 2016 Royal Convention!

From here we want to reiterate our thanks to the ALÚ team: the organization, sympathy and attention with which they treated us exceeded our expectations, thanks ALÚ team, we hope to repeat the experience very soon!