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How to create an effective campaign with influencers?

More and more brands trust the so-called influencers to promote their products. This option has become an essential pillar in digital marketing strategies, as it helps to connect brands with their target audience, and even to win new audiences for the product. But are these types of campaigns really effective? What should be fixed? Does any influencer work? ¡Attent @! We tell you everything you need to know about influencers marketing.

The first thing you need to know is what is the marketing of influencers and who are those people. The term influencer is not yet included in the RAE, but it does define influence as “a person with power or authority with whose intervention an advantage, favor or benefit can be obtained”. So, a priori, it is convenient for a company to collaborate with this type of profile, as it helps to position your brand in the mind of the consumer.

Influencer marketing is a collaboration between brands and those with greater influence, specifically in social networks. These last ones are the star stage to carry out a campaign of this type. In addition, you must not forget that for these collaborations to be effective, a series of considerations must be taken into account:

Set some objectives. Like any marketing strategy, the first thing that you should consider are the objectives that will be carried out. What do you want to get? What is the ultimate goal of the business? Increase sales, improve brand reputation, increase followers in social networks, … You decide what you need. Remember: the objectives must be measurable.

Choose an influencer. It is clear that not everyone is worth. So you must identify those people who are related to your brand. It is advisable to analyze the following data before contacting that person:

  • In what social networks has presence.
  • What tone does he use in his publications and how does he relate to his followers?
  • What other brands have you worked with?
  • Number of interactions in their publications.
  • The audience.
  • Number of followers.

All this will help to know if that person matches the characteristics and objectives of your business, and if his followers are the people to whom your product is directed. In addition, it is advisable to ask them for a series of metrics on their social networks (engagement rate, scope of publications, percentage of growth in their community, …). Let’s not forget that the number of followers does not determine the quality, scope and influence that person may have.

Budget. If looking for an influencer related to your brand is complicated, selecting the budget and the negotiation phase will not be much easier. Currently, this type of collaboration is booming, which makes the prices of collaborations are high.

Prices are usually stipulated according to the number of followers, engagement rate and the type of collaboration that has been decided to carry out. Remember that if the budget is not so high to collaborate with a great influencer, you can do it with several micro-influencers, often times they are more effective campaigns. Another way, is to find those people who accept to collaborate in exchange for products of your brand.

Context of publications. Once we know what we want, with whom we are going to do it and how, we must determine what we want to convey. It is an important part, since the message will be what makes us reach the objectives or not.

There is nothing written about this, there are brands that give a predetermined copy and many others leave it to the influencer himself to help them define it, since it is also he / she who usually addresses his followers, knows them better and can Give a point of creativity.

Monitor and observe the answers. It seems obvious, that’s why we should not forget it. It is important to see what happens in real time. Has that person met with the publication? What kind of answers are you having? What do people say about my brand or my product?

This part is very important, because we can correct errors in the moment or small pockets of crisis and prevent them from spreading and becoming something bigger. A small trick, which you should always remember, is to set the campaign with a hashtag, doing so will help you to streamline the monitoring.

Results. It is important to analyze the final results of the campaign. Seeing them will help us make decisions about our target audience, product and upcoming collaborations.

Finally, we will talk about the reasons why a company can decide to make these types of collaborations:

  • Increase sales (discounts, promotions, …).
  • Launch of a product.
  • Opening of a store.
  • Attendance at a brand party.
  • Brand image (raffles).

Carrying out a marketing campaign with influencers implies time and effort. If you want your strategy to be effective do not hesitate to contact Royal Communication, we will understand you and help you achieve your goals. Oh! And to select the right person.