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Royal communication collaborates with the vodafone observatory of the company

We live in the middle of the digital revolution. A time of constant change in which small and large companies have to adapt to new opportunities and challenges. In this context, Vodafone launches its Enterprise Observatory and has invited our CEO, Juanjo López, to talk about the video content revolution and the main challenges that brands face in order to take advantage of the potential of this format. Do not miss your intervention!

Did you know that, in 2017, 78% of the content consumed on the Internet is video? And that 59% of users prefer video instead of other formats? Of course, the viewer’s attention drops after 30 seconds of duration. Video is a booming format, and Juanjo López analyzes the most common mistakes that fail the marketing strategies of some brands, offering ideas to create successful videos.

We encourage you to visit the website of the Vodafone Observatory of the Company, where you can consult the solutions that businessmen and experts glimpse in the midst of the digital revolution. For us it has been a real pleasure to collaborate in this interesting initiative, we hope you enjoyed the interview!