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Allo, the artificial intelligence of google that intends to steal the throne to whatsapp

Google Allo, the instant messaging application of Google, has entered the market with the intention of unseating its main rival: WhatsApp. Allo includes features close to Artificial Intelligence, which is a great strength with respect to its competitor. But will Google Allo dethrone WhatsApp? We offer you the main features of this new Google app and … time to time!

The “intelligent response”

Perhaps the “intelligent response” is one of the novelties that differentiate this type of instant messaging applications with respect to the others. This option streamlines the response process and favors conversations to be more dynamic, since, for example, it can be configured so that only by tapping the screen the app responds with an ‘YES’ to a question from the interlocutor. You can also set predefined answers.

Increasingly closer to artificial intelligence

Google Allo uses features similar to WhatsApp, but adds the one with the greatest technological future: the Google Assistant, capable of answering commands or questions with a technology very close to Artificial Intelligence.

With the addition of Google Assistant (Allo Assistant), similar to Siri on iOS, you can ask Google what we need or share any information or file with a contact. Google Allo users, already available in the Android and iOS operating systems, only have to type “@google” followed by the question in the middle of a conversation to receive an immediate response.

Currently, the Google Assistant (Google Assistant) only works and responds in English and is in the testing phase, although I am sure that it will not be long in Spanish. The company has ensured that it will improve its functionalities and incorporate this tool to the rest of Google’s products in the coming months.

Privacy and self-destruction of conversations

Start a totally secure and private conversation on Google Allo is possible. This option is, without doubt, another of the great features and innovation with respect to WhatsApp. According to Google, the private chat in Allo is a function where we can initiate conversations with our contacts, in a private and secure way, since the messages are encrypted from end to end and can only be viewed by both parties. In addition, during the use of incognito of our conversation screenshots will not be possible, which favors maximum confidentiality.

Initiating an incognito chat also allows us to put an expiration date on our messages, that is, according to the date that we have previously configured, our conversation will “self-destruct” or expire, without any type of registration on our device.

More fun and dynamism with ‘Stickers’

One of the things that attracts the most users is the personalized interaction with emoticons and ‘stickers’ which favors the dynamism in a conversation and a way to express feelings or emotions in a more fun way. For this, Google Allo incorporates thousands of free ‘stickers’ and you can download many packs within the application itself.

Draw in photographs: identical to Snapchat or Instagram Stories!

Sending personalized photos is another of Allo’s characteristic options. An option adopted from other applications such as Snapchat or Instagram Stories. The possibility of sending personalized images by ourselves offers an extra of fun and dynamism to a conversation.

There are seven colors available to personalize an image. It is easy to use, because once the photograph we want to send is selected, we will only have to press on the pencil icon and we will be able to draw with one of the colors that the application provides us.

Conversation finder

Google Allo has developed an option that improves, and even exceeds, that of WhatsApp. This is the conversations finder, similar to that of its main rival, but with the difference that Allo can search for a phrase or keyword in all conversations maintained, while with WhatsApp, this search option is only available for a conversation concrete.

Simply clicking on the magnifying glass icon we can enter the text to search and all conversations with these words will appear.