Lose to win

Dear friend,


We have always thought that to win you must lose first. Today we are here to tell you that we have won because after ten years of activity we continue to grow as professionals and as people united under a brand of services, Royal Communication, which addresses challenges successfully in Spain and other countries.

It is extremely complex for a SME to move forward with the times. It requires capacity for sacrifice and talent. In this journey, we have fallen more than a thousand times, and we have risen a thousand and stronger. Each defeat or fall has been an apprenticeship. We want to keep falling and getting up to continue learning, to give you the best.

We started our trip from Seville in 2007, it was not in a garage, but in an attic. We owe a lot to this city and its people, in fact to all of Andalusia, especially to RCB, Dinamic and One. We started as marketing consultants and quickly evolved to the digital world. In 2009 we were certified by Google and we jumped to Madrid and from there to Valencia and Barcelona among other national destinations. Always innovating with Altamira, training us without borders to evolve with the sector.

In 2010 we started our international activity with clients from Israel and Hong Kong. In 2014 we set up our Finnish subsidiary with Markus Torvinen, currently with little activity, but he has reported us a lot of knowledge. In 2015 we went to LATAM, with our friends Briceño, Tovar and Ruda, with whom we have done many unique things and from which we have learned a lot. 2016 has been a year of transit, without a favorable environment, in which we have taken the opportunity to pamper our customers and gain momentum.

This 2017, our tenth anniversary, we can boast with humility and be proud with discretion to be among the best digital agencies in Spain. We work in the main sectors: food, retail, automotive, education, fashion, engineering and consulting among others.

The effort made by our team has been extreme. The brothers Romero, Gallego, Polo, Lestegás, Guitián, Toribio, Gómez, Bustillos, Aparicio, Tolsada, Albiñana, Rivadulla and our CEO … all of them magnificent professionals. You are Superheroes.

Our current solidity based on the acquired knowledge, together with our professional and social commitment, is a guarantee for many.

We thank our customers infinitely. If you are one of them, you are part of us and you know that every part of the Royal team is very grateful that you chose us from thousands of agencies, that you have forgiven us when we have failed and that you have trusted us until we have given you the solutions you expected.


Thanks to you, today we are what we are and what we will be on our 20th anniversary.


Very affectionately,


Thankful and proud Director General,

Juanjo López