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Rroyal comunication and rocketroi analyze the state of the mobile sector in the magazine ‘telefonía y comunicaciones’, partner of the mobile world congress

Did you know that 50% of young people consume 90 to 100% of their time on the network through their mobile devices? It is for this reason that our CEO Juanjo López and RocketROI CEO, Ignacio Rodés, analyze the state of the Mobile sector and the importance of companies launching this strategy in the magazine ‘Telephony and Communications’, Mobile partner World Congress that is being held in Barcelona from Monday, February 26 to Thursday, March 1.

According to the survey of the AIMC (Association for the Investigation of Means of Communication) and that gathers the magazine ‘Telephony and Communication’, almost 88% of the Spaniards connect to Internet through their Smartphone, being the means that more has consolidated among the population to access the Internet in the last decade. Gone are those first smartphones that were presented at the first MWC fairs in Barcelona. In this same aspect, the evolution in young people is even greater. A survey carried out by Digital Society, of Telefónica Fundation, indicates that “half of young people consume between 90 and 100% of their time in the network through their mobile phones”.

Our CEO Juanjo López comments for the magazine that the era of Mobile First was behind us, since “we fully entered the era of Mobile Only”, noting that this is what tells us about the behavior of customers. However, Lopez points out that “many companies are still anchored in the creation and design of content thinking only of the PC version, when it is the best source of traffic compared with Tablet and especially mobile.” The reason for this may be that the companies themselves “see little conversion from this type of device”.In this same line, our CEO assures the magazine that “the success of a company on the Internet lies in the design and execution of its digital communications, thinking of a multi-device and prioritizing mobile design”. In this aspect, he emphasizes that the message must be “clear and direct” so that it has a “better reception”. “From Royal we have carried out many projects focused on mobile and the results are very positive,” he concludes.

On the other hand, the CEO and founder of RocketROI, Ignacio Rodés, says in the magazine that this “fear of the mobile world” not only happens with the creation and design of web pages, but also in the advertising sector. “Advertising on mobile is very effective, as it is simple, direct and can be geolocated,” he says.

Companies should not be afraid to enter into these types of strategies. At Royal Communication we have qualified professionals and the perfect tools to introduce your company to the Mobile sector.