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Everything you need to know about remarketing

Remarketing is an online tool that allows you to “impact” people who have visited your website on occasion, but have left the web without completing the process you wanted them to complete, such as a registration or purchase in your online store. Thanks to remarketing we can make ourselves visible to this audience and show personalized ads. But how can I use this with my potential clients? It is effective? Then we answer these questions, so that you leave here knowing everything you need to know about Remarketing.

Remarketing is a tool, used mainly in Google (Google Adwords) and Facebook (Facebook Ads), which allows you to “impact” people who have already visited your website, that is, people who were already interested in your product, service or message and that for any reason have left the page without any interaction.

This is how Remarketing works

Remarketing is already an essential tool within the advertising strategy as it helps increase the return on investment (ROI) in many types of advertisers. The main feature of Remarketing is that it allows you to create personalized ads for users who previously visited your website. With Remarketing you can generate advertisements specifically designed for users or potential customers, whether you are looking to boost sales of your products or services, increase records or even the notoriety of the brand.

A good Remarketing campaign also serves as a reminder to customers of the existence of our company. With Remarketing, if the user visits our website but abandons it without interaction or without closing the registration or purchase, a “reminder” will be sent to you that the company that interested you at some point is still there in case you wish to continue with the process. registration, purchase or any other operation you want.

In Remarketing campaigns the reach of the ads is very broad, being possible to reach thousands of users a day, a week or even a month.

The effectiveness of Remarketing

If your question is: Is a Remarketing campaign effective? The answer is yes, but as long as it is done in an optimal way. Remarketing is not an infallible solution, since it requires planning and optimizing the campaign in an appropriate way.

With a Remarketing campaign you can get more economic conversions than a regular Adwords campaign. The clients that are obtained with the Remarketing are of quality, since, although they are of Display, they have already visited your site for a similar offer of products or services, with which they are more reticent to the impact of the campaign.

On the other hand, to create effective Remarketing campaigns, it is necessary to configure all the Remarketing lists that can be made since the Google Adwords account is created. It will also be very useful to create a specific list for those users who have already purchased on our website.

The importance of design, personalize to connect

For the creation of the ads, it is important to use texts and images that will make the campaign more attractive and thus have a greater impact. You can create multiple text, image, and video ads for free with the Ad gallery. You can also create dynamic ads that combine your feed with the designs in the Ad gallery to make it more attractive. The message must be adapted according to the list of users to whom we direct the advertisement. It is not the same to address the customers of a specific section or those who left the shopping cart.

Frequency limiter for a non-intrusive Remarketing

Thanks to tools such as the ad frequency limiter, we can configure campaigns without being too aggressive with the user. This is essential not to overwhelm the user, or attack it with constant announcements about a company, business or brand, because otherwise this can be counterproductive, and cause rejection by users.

As almost always in digital marketing, it is key to measure and track daily Remarketing campaigns, with reports on performance, places where ads are displayed and the price you pay.

Optimization of the campaign, optimize or die!

Remarketing campaigns are effective, but they are not an infallible tool, since they require continuous planning and optimization of the campaign. What may work for one of your company’s products or services may not work for others. The key is to try different messages and offers. Campaigns should be optimized regularly, discarding networks that do not work and betting on networks that give better results. It is also highly recommended to modify the formats of the ads that do not work and to try and optimize the Remarketing campaigns until the results are positive.

If you want more information about whether Remarketing would be a beneficial solution for your company, do not hesitate to contact the Royal Communication team, we will advise you to improve your visibility on the Internet!