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Twitter is changing. the details of your new update

Twitter is about to present new features in order to improve its operation and evolve to adapt to the needs of users. As of September 19, some new features are presented with which they hope to gain attractiveness to attract new users and increase their income. Twitter is changing … Yes, tweets will continue to be the main protagonists.

Yes now! 140 characters exclusively to express your idea

It was one of the main demands of the faithful users of Twitter. Now, the new update of this popular social network will allow creating tweets with greater extension flexibility. It maintains the limit of 140 characters, but from now on it will not count within this limit the usual attached elements, such as photos, videos or gifs.

In addition, labeling or naming other users will also have no impact on the 140 characters, which will allow labeling several users in the same publication. The links, however, will continue to shorten the limit of the tweets.

News in direct messages: Double check is activated

Twitter already deleted the text limit in direct messages in its previous update. Now, in the next update scheduled for September 19, new options are introduced. On the one hand, the reading confirmation, in which the double check symbol will appear, as it happens in WhatsApp, and that will change to blue as an indication that the receiver has read the message. This option, as happened with WhatsApp, can be disabled in the Twitter settings.

On the other hand, the links sent by direct message can be previewed, and the write indicator is also implanted, as a signal that the interlocutor is writing a message. Identical characteristics to those of instant messaging systems like WhatsApp.

Twitter and Deezer come together to show you musical news

Twitter incorporates music into your timeline thanks to the collaboration with Deezer, created to synchronize both accounts and enjoy the news of the music scene while browsing Twitter.

The synchronization of both applications allows you to share and indicate the music you like at the moment, like any tweet. Below the player, where a small fragment of the song or album will be shown, the usual Twitter options are included so that access is more convenient and faster. Your Deezer playlist and library will now be at your fingertips via Twitter, so you will not miss the launch of any musical theme.

Although we love the idea, we put the success of this initiative in quarantine. In 2014, the social network of the little bird already had other musical options for its users through SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify, which were synchronized to Twitter in this order.

Is the end of Twitter nearing?

Much has been speculated these weeks before the possible sale of Twitter to investors of the likes of Apple or Google, but is Twitter a Social Network that goes off slowly? Although it is not at its best, we believe that, at the moment, Twitter has a string for a while. It has been strengthened in these years and has gained a prominent position in the sector: it remains the favorite choice of users to demand updated information and breaking news, long life to Twitter!