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What google knows about valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a great opportunity for brands to develop special campaigns full of creativity. Below we analyze the most important points of the report “Valentine’s Day Spain 2017” that Google has issued, with very curious and useful data to propose marketing strategies.

Differences between men and women

More than 4.5 million Spaniards are willing to make a gift on Valentine’s Day in 2017 and there is 10% more men than women who intend to buy on that date.

There are differences in terms of ages: men with more intention to buy gifts are between 25 and 34 years old and women with more willingness to buy are between 45 and 54 years old. There is also disparity in terms of the money they are willing to spend, most men will spend between 50 and 100 euros and women between 20 and 50 euros.

Number of searches on Google

During 2016, 4.7 million Google searches were carried out with the word “Valentine’s Day Gift”, surpassing in volume the mother’s day. A greater number of advertising campaigns were also carried out.

56% of these searches were made from mobile devices, 34% from a desktop or laptop and 10% from Tablet. Highlight the following searches related to Valentine’s Day: “February 14”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Valentine’s Day 2016”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, Happy Saint valentín “,” sanvalentin “,” valentines day “,” valentine’s day “,” crafts for valentines “,” valentines crafts “,” valentines dedications “,” valentines phrases “,” valentines plans “.

Valentine and YouTube

Valentine’s Day is growing a lot on YouTube and the big brands are already there. In 2016 there were 19.7 million views on content related to Valentine’s Day and more than 1.1 million hours of content was uploaded.

The age group that consumes the most multimedia content is between 25 and 44 years old and the most watched video is “Forever Alone on Valentine’s Day | Wick “:


When to start a marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day?

Questions about Valentine’s Day begin in early January, but the highest search peaks occur during the 15 days before February 14. The last week is the most active with 69% of total searches.

It is striking that there are differences in when the day and the searches that are made, we explain it better with the following data:

Those who want to buy a gift. The day of greatest searches is February 10 and 64% are made from the mobile phone.

Those who are looking for travel plans. The day of greatest search is February 11 and also 64% are made from the mobile phone.

Those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner. The largest number of searches is made on February 14 and 65% are from mobile devices.

Those who want to give crafts. It is also February 14, the preferred day for those who want to give crafts. In this case, the number of searches through mobile is 57%.

Those who look for romantic phrases. It is curious that most people who seek romantic phrases do so the next day, on February 15 and 80% do so from mobile devices.

Valentine, a very emotional day

The buying behavior for this day is very different from others, standing out for being very emotional. When choosing the gift, what is most sought is a “romantic idea” (45% male – 39% female), followed by “what my partner wants or needs” (29% male – 42% female) and by last “what I can best achieve with my budget” (26% male – 19% female).

On the other hand, the greatest number of questions are related to the gifts for the man and the boyfriend through the following searches: “what to give your boyfriend for valentines”, “what to give to a man for valentines”, ” what to give a man in valentines “,” things to do in valentines “,” what is valentines “.

During the purchase of Valentine’s Day gifts, users valued “home delivery, ease of payment and speed” (27% men – 35% women) and “being able to choose between many options and attention staff “(73% men – 65% women).

Advice when choosing the gift

More than 50% of consumers declare that they want advice when choosing the gift, so the advertising campaigns and the information provided by the brands are very important.

The sources of more information for users are directly the specialties stores (24%), searches through Google (22%), department stores (21%), online stores (19%), friends-acquaintances (17%), pages of brands (9%) and others (19%).

What the Spanish people are going to give away the most

According to the report, the favorite gifts of Spaniards will be: experiences (25%), technology (14%), clothing (11%), jewelry (10%), crafts (10%), perfumes (9%), cosmetics (6%), chocolate (5%), flowers (5%), coffee (4%) and others (2%).

We could conclude that women prefer to give experiences, crafts and perfumes. Men opt for technology, jewelry and coffee. The experience is the new trend and its related searches occur during the week before and even more during the weekend. 64% of queries are through mobile devices.

From 2015 to 2016 the number of searches on this category has grown by 34%, the following being the most sought after: “romantic dinner”, “Valentine’s dinner”, “what to do in Valentine’s day” or “Valentine’s day plans”.


  • 10% of the population will compare a gift and invest between 50 – 100 euros.
  • Search interest and advertising campaigns have surpassed Mother’s Day.
  • Interest in YouTube is growing and brands increasingly generate more content in this channel.
  • 56% of the traffic related to Valentine’s Day is done through mobile devices.
  • The highest activity occurs two weeks before Valentine’s Day.
  • Purchasing behavior is very emotional.
  • Women and men have different behaviors.
  • Man invests more money than women, likes romantic gifts and relies more on advice from brands.
  • The woman looks for a lot and cares mainly about what the man may need. It has its own criteria and it gives less importance to the advice of brands.